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Zap Combat Centre

Project Type:      Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media
Client: Zap Combat Centre
Release Date: February, 2014
Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, AdWords
Development 80%
Design 70%
Marketing 90%

Increase in
Organic Leads

Increase in
PPC Conversions

Increase in
Facebook Likes


Zap Combat is an established paintball and laser combat venue in Hertfordshire, who have been running outdoor activities for over 15 years.

They approached us to help redesign and rebrand the company for the gaming generation, along with the appropriate marketing to make their new website visible to the masses.


The demographic Zap Combat were aiming for were young teenagers and kids who enjoy combat computer games.

We decided that we wanted to show them the activities that Zap Combat offer are the closest thing to real life gaming.

The colour scheme and depth of the website had to be exciting and modern, while still keeping an air of mystery to the activities offered.

The second challenge was to still appeal to the parents that would organise some of the events, while also providing all the right content to ensure them of the safety, professionalism and reputability of Zap Combat.

Then it was on to reorganize their PPC campaign and set the ball rolling on a whole new SEO campaign to drive all the right traffic to the new visual website.


The result was a complete success.

In fact we still get notified by Zap Combat how customers comment on how much they love the website and the new brand created.

The marketing campaigns achieved exactly what we set out to do as well, with a 100% increase in conversions from the PPC advertising and a 90% increase in leads from SEO.

Along with a 20% increase in client retention, you can only imagine how happy the Zap Combat team were with our services.

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