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Why a Responsive Web Design Will Help You Get More Visitors

If you don’t have a responsive web design, then chances are you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors and customers.


Twitter tries out ‘mute’ feature

Twitter is trialling a new feature in its mobile app that allows users to mute accounts that are becoming irritating. Unlike the block function, which is designed to stop communications with an undesirable user completely, muting is intended to be temporary. It will mean users can block out people who, for example, live tweet football …


Why Links Should Never Be The End Goal

Before I begin, this is by no means another post about how link building is dead and why we should just give up on that aspect of SEO entirely – in truth, it’s quite the opposite. I’m certainly not going to be ‘that guy’ today. In actual fact, love it or hate it; links continue …


10 Ways to Spend Less on Marketing

Because marketing is a creative activity, you can always find new ways to make an impact and attract sales, even on a small budget. Here are some ideas that will help you maximise your impact while minimising your budget: • Capture as much customer data as possible and build a database. Target the database by …