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Secret Hair Extensions

Secret Hair Extensions in Mac Screen
Project Type:      Secret Hair Extensions
Client: Strand Hair
Release Date: November 10, 2013
Technologies: Web Design, WordPress, PHP
Development 80%
Design 50%
Marketing 70%

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Facebook Likes


Secret Hair Extensions is an established supplier of hair extensions to both the public and salons around the UK and have made a name for themselves with a variety of products including one that uses and invisible wire. They requested a website re-launch to coincide with their attendance at the Clothes Show. Looking to move from a clean crisp website to a more fitting darker branding to go with the name and ensuring graphics coordination with the stand.

They also felt that the e-commerce technology they were using was problematic, difficult to use and sometimes slow, so were interested in a whole new back end.


Change the colour scheme and layout to reflect a more edgy and sexy brand using darker colours. We applied some essential e-commerce best practice to improve conversion, driving users directly to their product of choice. Moving the back end to be more reliable with WooCommerce and a WordPress framework we were able to get the website built and functioning a day ahead of schedule, thanks to the dedication of the team.


On day one we increased their site visitors by 25% without even starting the PPC or SEO campaigns.

More results to follow when these campaigns get going.

Secret Hair Extensions on iPad