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Peter Barley

Project Type:      Web Development
Client: Peter Barley
Release Date: March, 2013
Technologies: Web Design, WordPress, PHP
Development 40%
Design 75%
Marketing 10%

To design a biography style website for Peter Barley, a freelance trainer, recruiter and career coach.


Peter had given us creative freedom to design a website that had visual appeal, but still kept true to his style of work.

The website was to be used primarily for showcasing Peter as a leading recruitment consultant to his overseas clients. The biggest challenge was the limited time frame we had to develop the website before Peter’s visit to America.

We focused all of our resources in creating a look and feel that is unique for the website, with a personalised style to showcase Peter’s recruitment and career training expertise.


We completed the website design with days to spare before Peter’s trip. He was delighted with the outcome and has since been one of our top clients in referring new customers who require our services.