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Fitness Hub

Project Type:      Advanced Web Development
Client: Fitness Hub Hitchin
Release Date: August 10, 2013
Technologies: Web Design, PHP
Development 30%
Design 70%
Marketing 30%

Mick from Fitness Hub wanted to show that his background was the key to helping individuals with their training needs, from nutrition, martial arts conditioning to women only classes.


We conceived and website that introduced Mick immediately on the front page, engaging the visitor. With the addition of imaged sliders to show his core categories of Functional Fitness, Nutrition, MMA Conditioning. Whilst appealing to both male and females. With only a small budget, we focused on the content and design to ensure maximum impact when searching for “Fitness Hichin”.


Just from a redesign and some on-page SEO work, Mick is now recognised as the number 1 trainer in Hitchin and appears on page 1 for both Bing and Google searches.